Travel Consulting Services (aka, Dream Planning)

Fascinating City!

After more than 25 years of planning and escorting small group tours around the world, I am now devoting my time and expertise to helping others enjoy some of what I have had the privilege to do … walk the Great Wall of China, ride a camel through the Sahara, sail the Mediterranean with close friends on our private yacht or fly over Victoria Falls at dawn as the animals begin to stir.

My travels have taken me from Tibet to Turkey, from Morocco to Zimbabwe and Zambia. England, Ireland, Scotland, Germany, Portugal, France, Italy, Greece, Russia, Finland, Costa Rica, Japan and much of China.

Through all this, I have met many strangers who have become friends, and gained  insight into what travel means to those of you who dream of the experiences travel offers. I am excited to help you find and plan your dreams, wherever they may take you.

Private and group travel planning available  including  itineraries , local transportation at your destinations, guides, air, lodging and restaurant reservations.

Tour manager services available for groups of 8 or more.

Contact information:

Ann Hite
Cell: 502.249.0290


Travel Smart, Travel Well